Northern Lights Palette Review

**Disclaimer. Nobody told me to write this or bought me the palette in exchange for a review. This was my personal choice and all of Jeffree Star’s trademarks are copyright to him. I’m just wrting my opinion. 🙂

So if you know me in real life, you know that I LOVE Jeffree Star. I have ever since the Myspace days. Would listen to his songs for my 5 times I was allowed. Good times. Now, he has come out with an incredible make up line. My collection is pretty awesome, not as good as some peoples collections but for me, being a poor single mom – it’s pretty good. Usually when I have some money to waste, I’ll buy Jeffree Star. OR Make payments on Beautylish. Feel free to click on the link next to this text, they have a payment plan thing thats pretty awesome when you’re not loaded with money.

For a luxury brand though, it is still affordable. That’s why I’m willing to spend the money on it. And it lasts FOREVER. I have never been disappointed by anything from jeffree star. Will this be a first? I’m always waiting to hate something but when I say I love all of his products, I mean it.

So his skin frost is what got me so obsessed with highlight. When I do my make up, I almost always have highlight on. It’s THAT awesome. I own a skin frost pro palette and a few individual skin frosts. I found out about this Supreme Skin Frost Palette and I was so shook. I wasnt able to get a supreme frost yet, but this palette seemed way more worth it considering the price. I wanted this so bad, and it was released when I was in the hospital having my son.

Well I’m at home and my mom says she has a birthday (my birthday is 3 days before my sons) slash christmas present for me. and it was just from her. I was assuming it was the alien pallete but when I opened it I was so shocked, and so excited to realize it was the brand new skin frost palette that was inspired by Alaska. I remember watching his video, but pictures and videos – do not do it any justice. It looks so much better in person.  Click Here to watch the Northern Lights Reveal Video.

The Palette

So this is what you see before swatching or anything. Only downfall is it is way too beautiful to use sometimes. I hate tainting my star imprints. It’s a lot bigger than my other palettes from him, but it feels luxorious. They all have really neat names (remind me of one of my good friends that lives in Alaska).

My first impression?

My first impression was that my all time favorite shade was going to be Alaskan Ice. That it was going to be my Ice Cold and one of the few Jeffree Star products I have that actually hit the pan. I thought some of them would be too dark for me because I am so pale, but it was still worth every penny.

The Swatches

What sucks about my swatches is they really don’t do any justice. When I was staring at them in real life I was totally hypnotized. Highlight is a tricky thing because it’s hard to catch on camera. Of course I’m just a wannabe blogger, whose just starting (I don’t even have my own domain yet, I’m saving up to upgrade so get this blog bigger and better, I promise guys I will have $100 soon). The more my blog grows, the more I will invest and one thing will be a much better camera.  I have loved web design and blogging since I was 12, so that’s the past almost 15 years. I am determined to be successful in this! So if my swatches suck compared to another photo online – it’s because I took them on my cell phone. Eventually I think I will add a video on to this post, but for now, just go with my pictures haha. I wiped off my swatches and there’s still glitter left over and I LOVE it.

Random Makeup Looks

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So before you begin the slideshow, keep in my mind I just started wearing makeup again. I had a difficult pregnancy and could barely take a shower, get out of bed, or get out of the car, without being in a huge amount of pain. I really missed my makeup so now that I had my son and the pain isn’t as bad – guess whose back? But I am a little bit rusty unfortunately. I WILL get amazing again.

My Favorite Shades?

It wasn’t Alaskan Ice at all. I do in fact love that color, putting it over eye shadows. The colors I wear on a consistent basis are actually Frozen Gold and Anchorage. What’s great is they work for me, a super pastey person, and one of my best friends who is the opposite – super dark. It’s a first for a highlighter I’ve used. I also LOVE to use Arctic Sky over my regular skin frost Lavendar Snow.

Once again Jeffree Star did NOT disappoint. I’m hoping eventually he comes across this blog post so he knows what a huge fan I am. If he was to come across MY post, or even like one of my tweets, I would probably scream. But he’s truly inspirational. He started from nothing and look and where he’s at. That is why I will always support him. He is some serious #Goals. And his makeup IS amazing. This is the first of quite a few Jeffree Star Cosmetics reviews that will be up on my blog. I own so much, I must write about them!

Purchasing Your Own Palette

Here are the 2 websites that I purchase my Jeffree Star Cosmetics. They don’t even know I purchase from them so it is for you (the readers) convenience.

I know he has more retailers, but these are the only 2 I have experience with. Beautylish also offers free 2 day shipping for orders over $35 so if you’re impatient – you can always do that.

I definitely recommend this palette, and even if I didn’t recieve it as a gift – I would buy it. If you want to try the Skin Frost Supreme, I recommend getting this because you have 6 colors to choose from and they realy do go with anyong of any skin tone. One skin frost is $34 (I think, off the top of my head, don’t know the exact prices so forgive me) when the palette was I believe $54. So this palette is truly a STEAL. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this palette? This palette literally got me back into makeup again. So yes, go and buy this palette!

A video review to go with this post, is coming soon. My 7 year old watches Jeffree Star with me and would love to make a review video to show with the world because she too, has worn some of these colors when I do her makeup!

What is another Jeffree Star Cosmetics Item you want me to write about? Thirsty Palette? Blood Sugar? Platinum Ice Palette? The Liquid Lips or Lip Scrubs? Give me some ideas for my next review below. Do you like the Skin Frost Supreme as much as me?

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