Mom’s Lazy Day Makeup Routine

So here is my latest video, my Mom’s Lazy Day Makeup Routine. If you read the details it will give you an overview of all the products that were used. I apologize for the horrible quality. The more videos  I make, the better my videos will get. & Now you all have a basic knowledge of the products I use on a daily basis. Make sure to subscribe and give me a thumbs up! Every view and subscription is oh so much appreciated!

Blue Blood Palette

Well guys, I have started my YouTube channel and would love for you all to watch my first video about the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Blood Palette.

Make sure to subscribe and to give me a thumbs up! I can use all the help I can get. I’m sorry about my hiatus from posting – being adjusted to having a baby is hard. But I am back and with a vengence.


Here is my instagram post of the swatches. I will definitely be doing a better video soon using this palette. I was a hot mess from being sick! But still determined.

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